How To Be A Fashion Blogger

How To Be A Fashion Blogger


Interested in fashion blogging? Ain’t no expert in this field yet but on my experience for four years in blogging this fashion blog. I summed up some tips and tricks that might help you out in starting out. Ready? Let’s get started.
1. Choose a Blog Platform
-It can be WordPress. Blogger, Wix, Blogspot it depends on what works best for you.
2. Be YOUnique (Unique)
There are lots of bloggers who wanted to be successful. But not everyone are successful in this field. So what you need to do? Be yourself, be unique and let it stand out. Offering something uniquely yours is what makes you set apart from others. For example you can do good typography? show it off, you are an excellent in fashion illustration, teach your readers how to make brilliant illustrations.
3.  Invest for Camera
It is a norm for bloggers to have an awesome camera to document whatever they want to document. The reason why investing in a good camera will give you a great visualized content.
4. Be Everywhere
Make sure you have a Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Lookbook or anything else. Share your posts via Social Media.
5. Make Friends Online
Make friends with your readers, co-bloggers, and netizens. Reply in every comments given to you, comment on other people’s blogs.
6. Be Specific
What kind of fashion blogging you will focus in? Will it be an OOTD (outfit of the day)?  a runway review? It depends on YOU!
7. Just Enjoy!
Readers nowadays are intelligent, they know if you are just forcing a content, or really sincerely enjoying it. So just enjoy writing posts.

The Visionary


I can’t still believe that I am already in my fourth year of blogging this blog. I never thought I will do something this long or consistent in my life. I know how much  I tend to easily outgrow things and having this blog is one of the few things I am consistent of. However I just want to celebrate with you my 4th year in my blogging career. I never thought blogging could be able to lead me; meet new people, discover places, and to show the world the things I am passionate about.


photo credit: Pinterest

So let me share with you a simple story about how this blog began. 4 years ago (time flies too fast LOL) my teacher in a major subject in college required us to start a blog. I remember my first post was all about different fashion styles. It was already a sign that I am going to blog about fashion.

My blogging story is not an overnight success or super stardom like other bloggers. I never knew you can make money out of blogging. I never knew what blogging can offer to me. I really had no idea or rather no one inspired me to do blogging. As you can see it was all for a purpose. I enjoyed having my virtual diary online, such as sharing photos of important people in my life, sharing my unforgettable moments, new discoveries in fashion (such as Polyvore). I didn’t knew that blogging fashion will lead me to greatest step in my life.

Before blogging came to my life I was this girl who had no plans, goals, dreams in my life. I am just let things go with the flow. Until my blog proved to me that I have the right to dream big, to have plans in my life, and goals to achieve. Until my fashion designer dreams came alive out of fashion blogging. No one told me to be a fashion designer or no one inspired me to become one. But I owed this blog a lot, because I found a brighter path for myself, although it is far from the field I should expertise with (Communication, I am a Communication Arts graduate).

Your degree should not dictate you on where you will be heading. People around you have no right to dictate where you will go in life. After all it is your life that you are living. It is not somebody else’s life. You may feel lost in life, like having no direction, no goals to take. The lesson I learned is don’t rush in everything in your life. Take your time, take one day at a time, enjoy everything life has to offer. Enjoy your friends, family, and opportunities coming your way. You will find  your goals and dreams in unexpected way.

People may say anything against the path you chose. People may discourage you and put you down for being too idealistic. But once you’ve become strong willed and strong will, and a right attitude. You can make your visions turn to reality in no time. It will surely happen at the right time of your life. Just work hard, put your heart into it, and let God be the center of your life. Everything and the rest will follow.



Tagaytay Zoomanity Experience

It is rare for me to post my travel stories, but right now I will share with you my most recent trip. Zoomanity group invited me to go to Tagaytay (which I consider as my go-to place for weekend) for a quick weekend adventure in Paradizoo (which is located in Mendez, Cavite) and Residence Inn.

I will show you the awesome places to see in Paradizoo first.






Look Snow White is also present in the Flower Farm.


Here is an animal peeking on us.


Goat Milking also happens in Paradizoo. This is the place where they demonstrate the freshness of the milk coming from the goats.


The monkey dancers welcomed us with an amazing dance before the tour.


They also have Bonsai Garden that showcases different beauties and styles of Bonsai.


Here is the vegetable farm located inside Paradizoo. They planted several kinds of vegetables that are usually used for cooking food.


A ribbon cutting was happened that time and with us was Robert Yupangco (the owner of Zoomanity Group).


Here is Atish a man from Bangladesh who mastered the craft of Bonsai making. He demonstrated the bonsai making in front of us. We were amazed about his skills and knowledge about the craft.


Lots of flowers from Flower Farm.


There is also a Pet Cemetery for dead pets.


Here comes Residence Inn! A hotel and a zoo in one place, how cool isn’t it?


I even held a huge snake and they put it in my nape. It was so heavy and I was surprised that I was able to have a photo with it.

t1After the experience in Paradizoo and Residence Inn. I was able to went to Skyranch and took a ride once again.


I went to Our Lady of Manaoag Tierra de Maria once again to make a wish.

Style Bop Asia Contest Giveaway (Closed)


giveaway 02

giveaway 03

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The Deadline of submission of entry is til January 23,2015.

The announcement of winner will be in the Facebook group page.

This contest is for Philippine residents only.

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Emerald Summer




[Bridgette’s Closet-Top] [Pazzo-Shorts] [Chloe Edit-Shoes] [Thrift Shop-Necklace] [Boracay-Fedora Hat] [Vintage Shop-Bag]

My outfit screams for summer and it is one of my favorite season of the year. However instead of the usual blue, orange, yellow colors for summer. I opted for something different such as emerald or known as green. I love wearing chiffon tops lately and usually they are worn for offices. But who cares? fashion is supposed to be fun at the first place. It doesn’t have specific rules as they say. But anyway I chose to pair it with a casual shorts and tropical necklace I got from a thrift shop (I know you guys know how I love great deals and thrift shops, who doesn’t anyway?). Have a fashionable day loves!

Power Of Three 2016 at Paradizo

2 (1).jpg

Experience one of the celebrated events in the field of agriculture as Paradizoo reveal the annual “Power of Three” (floral, vegetable and livestock festival). From January 9 to March 31 expand and relish your understanding towards agriculture as they will exhibit and display farm produce, orchids, bonsai, veggies and livestock.

Be enthralled to variety of breathtaking floral designs, orchids and flower arrangement , opening of Bonsai at Eclectic Garden and Seminar with Atish during Flower Festival starting Jan 16 up to Feb 6. And since it’s the love month they will have a Pre-Valentine’s Day Special Event on the 13th of February. There will be briefings, discussions on rabbit breeding and egg production programs and also witness the amazing animal parade on March 26. And on February 6 get a chance to listen and learn from Senator Cynthia Villar about Agriculture and Sustainability.

So we are inviting EVERYONE! to join us! Located in Mendez, Cavite, Paradizoo is ideal for picnics, educational field trips, outdoor, family and group outing programs. It is an enchanting paradise with soothing beauty of its flora and fauna.

Paradizoo is one of the theme parks under Zoomanity Group. Zoomanity Group operates 5 Theme Parks in the Philippines and 1 in Japan :Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zoocobia in Clark,Pampanga , Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol,Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite, Residence Inn in Tagaytay and Zootopia in Nagano, Japan. TAG Media and Public Relations is the Marketing & Branding arm of Zoomanity Group under Yupangco Group of Companies. For more information, please call or text: 09166299381.