World Milk Day: Alaska Family Fun Run


ALASKA: World Milk Day, Family Run

Alaska invites every Filipino family to the road of physical fitness and healthy living. As they celebrate World Milk Day at SM Mall of Asia on May 31,2015. If you are interested about what World Milk Day is all about. World Milk Day is celebrated yearly worldwide. It gives attention on milk as the focal food cental for health and well being.

However Alaska launched a Family Fun Run as a way to celebrate World’s Milk Day. They have four (6) categories like 100m or 1km for kids, 3km, Family, 5km and 10km.

The Milk Hour starts at 6:00 am also at different location such as; Baguio, Davao, and Cebu.

How To Register?

Register at their online registration at

Cash Registration at SM Megamall May 1-25/27, 2015

Onsite Registrations

Manila: SM Megamall

                 – EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City

 Baguio: SMCity Baguio

                 -Luneta Hill Upper Session Road Baguio City

Cebu: SM City Cebu

               -North Reclamation Area,Cebu City 6000,Metro Cebu

Davao: SM City Davao

                -Quimpo Boulevard Corner Tulip Drive Ecoland Subdivision,

                 Barangay Matina, Davao City, Quimpo Blvd, Davao City

 Alaska will give milk 1.8kg to all participants! See you there!





This is the first time for me to post an outfit of the day without wearing make up. As you can see it is my bare face, no lipstick, no mascara, no blush on. I just want to try what I will look like in an outfit without wearing anything on my face. I am happy how it turned out. I felt great and confident about everything. As a contrary to what I look I decided to use the word “Fancy” as a title.

[USA-Top] [Bottoms Up-Shorts] [SM Dept. Store-Shoes]

[Kinetix Eyewear-Shades] [Girl Shoppe– Bracelet]

Zalora x Nelayish


Recently I signed up for Zalora’s Online Brand Ambassador. This is a special treat to my loyal followers and readers! Yes, because you will enjoy 15% off discount through using my discount code, ZBAPQD7A. Just in case if you are living under the rock. (just kidding), Zalora is one of the most popular online shopping center in Asia.They have shoes, bags, accessories,  It was an honor to be invited by Zalora to be invited by Zalora themselves. So why not? It is a good offering for my readers, friends, family and followers as well.

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Ball of Sunshine




It is my first time to wear something yellow. Before I was hesitant to wear something so bright as this yellow pullover I am wearing. Another surprising is I can wear a pullover in a midst of this scorching heat? Good thing this yellow pullover from Details has a comfy fabric and I am not sweating like a pig! What made this outfit a ball of sunshine? Well my favorite floral skirt made it more a ball of sunshine. This outfit reminds me also positive thoughts and I feel like I attract good vibes. How about you? What is the certain clothing that attracts good vibes for you?



Oh this bag came from my shop! If you are in the Philippines, feel free to order this bag! Just like us on facebook first to see other items.

[Details-Top] [Thrift Shop– Skirt] [Punkberry-Shoes] [Style Bop Asia-Bag] [Girl Shoppe– Necklace] 




I enjoy wearing leggings recently. I find them very functional to use and to wear. Recently I paired with any type of tops especially the longer ones. Leggings is a perfect thing to pull off (aside from jeans of course :)). I find it very versatile and functional to use. You can be anything you wanted to be once you slipped on the perfect leggings for you. I can’t believe it myself that I was able to pull it off with a statement cap.




[Top and Leggings-Thrift Shop] [SM Dept. -Shoes] [Cap-Untold]

[Kris 100-Necklace] [Kinetix Eyewear-Shades]

Hobby To Profession


[Mango-Dress] [Longchamp-Bag] [Rusty Lopez-Shoes]

It is been a long time since I blog here and I am sorry for taking too long. Because my inspiration are cannot be found recently. However I am happy to share with you once again a piece of my life. Recently I am saving up for a new digital camera and thinking of changing my phone. Because I have too many collaborations lined up and it took me quite while, that my hobby in blogging is slowly turning into a profession. Since I am starting to act like a pro, my things are should be updated too. Watch out for my future collaborations and I am hoping you will still be with me.

Easy New Workouts To Try

Hi! It is me again! It was been a long time since I blogged again. I was always thinking of what to blog that is not just about what I wore, what I tried, and what photos I took and etc. So let me share with you my fitness routine, I used to write before about the exercises I did personally tried and made reviews about them. Now I want to share with you some of the videos I got from Pop Sugar Fitness. If you are not familiar with Pop Sugar Fitness, it is a website that helps people to stay fit and healthy, through workout routines and recipes. So for today here are some of the workouts I am willing to try this week.

 Calorie Burning Cardio Workout Full Body Fitness

I am not a fitness expert but base on my experience. When I was once went to the gym to break some sweat. My fitness instructor told me to do Cardio. It is one of the most basic exercises to try.

Full Body Chair Workout

I am willing to try this one because all you need is a chair! This exercise is perfect for girls who are lazy to work out and for some people who are busy with school or work.

Beyonce Dance Workout

If you idolize Beyonce’s sexy body then you should try this work out. Because it was inspired by Beyonce’s movements and fit if you are into dancing.

This Is Not A Paid Advertisement

20 Things You Don’t Know About Me


It is my first time? Is it first time? LOL Correct me if I am wrong, it is my first time to post something personal. A post about  the things or facts about me that you don’t know yet. So these are frequent questions I always get from people asking me about stuff and etc. Here we go, let’s start the 20 things you don’t know about me.

1. I EAT A LOT, yes I eat a lot and blame it to my fast metabolism.

2. Dark chocolate is my weakness, I don’t know but there is something about dark chocolate that makes me happy. It is not that super sweet and it has its own bittersweet taste.

3. I can sing Japanese, Chinese and Korean, as long there are romanized I can sing it, just name it I can sing it.

4. I had my braces for almost four years. Yes it was hell.

5. I am obsessed to anything Japanese (not hentai of course), name it fashion, make up, celebrities, music and even dramas. I used to watch Japanese dramas in High School. In college I watched rarely.

6. I love baking cookies recently, especially chocolate chip cookies (the easiest to bake and yummiest for me).

5. I also like OPM (Original Pinoy Music) bands and soloists.

6. My favorite OPM bands are Pupil, Slapshock, Silent Sanctuary and many more.

7. In Japan my favorites are Arashi, KAT-TUN, NewS, Tegomass, and many more.

8. Aside from Japan, the other countries I wanted to visit are; South Korea and Barcelona.

9. Princess Hours is my ultimate favorite Korean drama. I even have my own copy!

10. It is my dream to watch any Jpop act concert in Tokyo Dome.

11. My fashion icons are Blake Lively, Isabelle Daza ( I look like her, some people said it so I believe them LOL), Yoon Eun Hye and Camille Co

12. I used to drink two coffee a day. But due to unknown reasons, I ended up drinking hot chocolate twice a day.

13. I never had in any serious relationship in my whole life. I had several flings and mutual understandings but none of them ended up in a serious one.

14. I love to sketch and to paint whenever my mood hits me and boom I do it.

15. I also listen Kpop songs from DBSK, JYJ, SNSD, 2NE1 and Big Bang. I also listen to Super Junior songs sometimes and my bias is Cho Kyu Hyun.

16. I am blessed with a good height of 5’6 and I even auditioned for a model in a magazine once. But I was never accepted by it so I ended up continuing my studies.

17. I  dance everyday so I can be a good dancer. Actually I am a terrible dancer but I am trying my very best to improve.

18. I know how to sing and I was part of a singing group in the church. I was a vocalist for my high school band

19. I am not a beauty geek so I rely on make up artists whenever I have fun shoots with friends.

20. One of my greatest dream is to be a fashion designer. I am currently studying fashion design to achieve it

There you have it! This is my 20 things you don’t about me challenge, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have fun writing it.

Outfit at the Big Dome

Last Saturday I went to Araneta Center near Gateway Mall. If you are living in the Philippines, probably you know how big Araneta Center is, it is the biggest stage or stadium in the whole country. So last Saturday I decided to took pictures of what I wore that day. I was in the mood of floral and eye catching color like red. The outer designs at the big dome is truly eye catching. I definitely asked my sister to take pictures. Araneta is an OOTD friendly place and there are lots of corners that have interesting designs. So if you are going to watch a concert or strolling around Gateway. Don’t forget to bring a handy phone or camera to take pictures in the big dome.




[Thrift Store-Top] [Forever 21-Pants] [Punkberry-Shoes] [Parisian-Bag]