Vintage Cow Girl

Creativity usually comes in unexpected situations and in my case it does happen. For my today’s look I thought of dressing up as a cow girl with a twist. Not the usual cow girls you expected to see and to know. Instead of knee high boots and checkered tops. I thought of wearing floral blue top and studded leather shoes for a change. I also thought of adding a color of red through my favorite bag from Parisian. Yeah I didn’t sleep well last night and I wore shades to hide it.

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[Arizona-Top] [Club R- Denim Shorts] [Rusty Lopez-Shoes] [Parisian-Bag] [Thrift Shops-Shades & Hat]

Wedding Photo Diary


It is rare for me to attend weddings of people I truly know. When I was invited by my sister’s friend to her wedding. Instantly I put a big yes and a nod. The wedding gave me a sign that true love still do exists in modern days. Today after a very long hiatus and mental block let me share with you the photos I personally took.


The bridesmaids in beautiful pink dresses, someday I will be able to design weddings too. Well actually it is my dream to create and to design wedding dresses.


A random garland I found from the flower girls.


Here comes the groom!


The siblings of the bride with a cute tarp indicating the coming bride.


The blushing and beautiful bride is coming.





This wedding was held last December last year and I am sorry for the late upload. I was MIA (Missing-In-Action) these past few days because I was busy and my mind can’t blog anything. So here is a photo diary to know that I am still existing and I am hoping you will still read this blog. Thanks and see you again next time.

Shades of Blue + Cafe Dozo




I am back after a very long hiatus and it feels great to always comeback. I am still hoping this blog still have readers after a very long vacation. However for this look, I was originally planning to wear a monochromatic outfit and I picked blue. But I ended up wearing a black leggings, just enough to break the blue monochrome all over.

[Fresh Gear- Top] [My Sister’s-Leggings] [SM Dept. Store- Shoes]

[Bosinni-Cardigan] [Vintage-Bag] [My Sister’s-Hat]

Of course I wanted to share with you last Saturday I survived a gym session with my friend. Look what we ate! Mixed Sushi and Mixed Maki.


San San Concealer in Beige Review




Brand: San San (HBC)

Product Name: San San Concealer in Beige

Weight: 0.46 oz/ 13 g

Price: 100-150 PHP worth

My Verdict:


-Easy to use packaging


-The skin color is perfect for Filipino woman’s skin complexion

-It conceals pimple marks and eye bags.

-It easily dries and blends in the skin


-You need to reapply twice or thrice, just to conceal what you needed to conceal

-It is not sticky.

Overall Score: 3/5

Recommend this?:

If you are a make up junkie, do not buy this. But if you needed a simple concealer for everyday use, then this is for you.


Happy New Year- Cheers to 2015

(photo from

My 2014 was not a perfect year for me but it was a wonderful one. I learned lots of stuff such as achieving the goals, setbacks I encountered, doing something on my own, being true to my feelings and forgiving the people we had fought with. Now I am asking myself if I did great this 2014, my verdict is I did my best and the year 2014 made me stronger. I think being stronger every year is better than nothing at all. This year I finished my schooling and graduated in Bachelor of Arts in Communication, I ventured into freelance writing and did SEO projects. Although I am starting to learn the things I cannot do or I can do. It gives me a chance to know which are things I am good at. In this year also I learned how to be true to what you feel to a person. It doesn’t matter what will happen next, what matters was I gave my best shot and I left without regrets. I am honored for the opportunity given to me by my former bosses. They give me a chance to work for the meanwhile, while looking for another job, I am lucky enough to be given such a chance to prove my worth. In my own, I created my own online shop called the BFF Shoppe, before it was just a part of my bucketlist. I am so happy that I crossed it out in my list. Because I achieved it. In the same year I got sponsorship from Prom Times, 1 Dress and Victoria’s Dress.

In this year I am thankful for my readers for reading and following my blog. I appreciate each comment or like coming from you guys. I hope you also did your best in 2014 and had an awesome year like mine. Happy New Year everyone! 2014 is indeed our year!

BFF Shoppe Now Open

bff shoppe logo

Finally I have my own online shop! LOL Before my enthusiasm gets you, let me share with you how my business started. It was all started when I thought of having a sideline while I am working. At first I thought of a cookie business, but since baking is something I usually. It came up to me to realize that baking is not a good business for me. So good thing I found my supplier and they offer wholesale and retail prices. I realized it is a good start to have a business with no capital at all.

BFF Shoppe stands for Your Best Fashion Friend and like a best friend, it assures you quality and unique clothes ans bags. BFF Shoppe is an online RTW clothing line that caters young modern women of today. As it epitomes simplicity, class and elegance. Each clothing represents beauty for the customers. For a quick look here are some of the clothing and bags from BFF Shoppe.














(All Photo Credits Belongs To Its Rightful Owners)

If you are interested in any of these items, please inquire at .

This shop is only available in Philippines area only!


Dash of Pink

It is a general knowledge that pink is one of my favorite colors in the world. In this website you can clearly conclude, how much I adore this color. While everyone are into sequins, reds, and greens, I opted for a change look for this Christmas day. I am quite busy everyday and my time to do Outfit of The Day is quite seldom. But all for the love of my readers, I will still keep posting OOTD, no matter how busy I am. I just want to greet all of you a Merry Christmas!




[Weekender-Top] [Surplus-Skirt] [Parisian-Bag and Sandals] [Eight-Necklace]

Perfect Dress For Any Season: Promtimes

Christmas is near and let’s welcome the last month of the year with so much love, December. Is your wardrobe ready with the Christmas season? If not, then let the dresses from Promtimes will do the magic for you. You shouldn’t miss out this online shopping site. Because they priority quality over quantity, with their quality made dresses for Prom and Weddings or even just for special occasions.


Promtimes is one of the world’s leading online store apparel for quality made dresses. They are operating throughout in Europe and United States. Their mission to provide the best dresses and gain satisfaction to their customers, also to grow their business as well. They also have a 24 hour customer support on weekdays to ensure the payment transactions, questions and queries of the customers. I think I should not keep you waiting for too long. Here are some of the best dresses they could offer at smart prices!

Prom Dresses



Twirl with this magnificent dress in blue and be the queen of the night.



Be a regal and elegant with this black number.

Aside from Prom dresses they also offer dresses for brides maids. Here are some of the most elegant pieces for brides maids.



Promtimes will never disappoint you with their classical pieces made by high class clothing and pieces. Their dresses are suitable for a memorable occasion. You can also design your own tuxedo!


Visit their site for more information!

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My Works

I am always fond of drawing and painting, I managed to keep some of my best works here, I decided to post it all here. Like what I am always saying, I am not the best artist in the world. But as much as I can I always wanted to improve in whatever I do, so is arts. Tell me which drawing is your favorite! If you are planning to use them, please put credits (I believe that credits belongs to where its due).

Girl With A Bear

Coffee Girl


I also accept requests as well, just hit me with a message (Art Request) at the!