Hinulugang Taktak Photowalk

Awhile ago I took photos of the majestic Hinulugang Taktak in Antipolo City. I was surprised to see it in actual look. I can’t help but to take photos all over again. Imagine 1 place and I took five photos?






I took photos of my friend to practice my basic photography knowledge. I hope you guys did enjoyed seeing my nature photographs. I am hoping you guys will witness this majestic falls by yourself someday.

Pronovias Evening Dresses Review

Barcelona’s Pronovias recently launched their evening dresses collection. Instead of posting a new OOTD (outfit of the day), why not try to post a runway review. It helps you develop your fashion aesthetic and vision as well. So here is my verdict regarding their recently launched Pronovias Evening Dresses for 2016.These dresses are my personally hand picked dresses that caught my eye.


This dress is definitely a fit for slender and slimmer women. Because it accentuates the frame and the figure of a person. It is a mermaid type of dress that can brings sass on the floor. But if you are body type is curvy then you should look for another one.


Lace is like a forever love it fits to any woman in any frame.


This evening dress can make anyone look slimmer. Because it’s neckline is not too tight yet fabulous to look at. While the sleeves can conceal and make an illusion of a slimmer arms.


For me this dress is the sexiest number among all the dress collection. Because it shows a lot of skin through the mesh black fabric. Meanwhile the black lace trickles the whole body and making it a bit playfully done taste.


Another mermaid type of dress is here. But what makes this one more different than the black one? Well the red fabric makes it look regal and at the same powerful.


This one is creatively done with flowers on the side and orange made it more interesting.


Are you conservative? Then this one is for you and this dress can hide the tummy area and make an illusion of slimmer arms. The lace made a great job in making in concealing the flaws you want to hide.

LATIKA_BDo you want to be a movie star once in your life? Then go to Pronovias and order this dress. It has a box office appeal that makes a woman slimmer and sexier in her event.

 My Overall Verdict: 8/10

(Photo Credits Goes to Pronovias Website)

Bright Light

Did you ever felt like giving up? When things are not really getting in your way. You know you did your best and just leave everything the rest to fate. But in my case, I gave up my dream to be part of public relations and social marketing. I was about to keep that dream as a forgotten dream. As I saw an opportunity in the field of academe, but nevertheless my inner writer is still not giving up. It is still alive and still believing that I should keep on writing no matter what.

My writing is not as perfect as an expert, but every type, letter, word and punctuation came from the heart. As if the veins of my hands are connected to my heart. I write literally everything name it from my thoughts, stories, clients, and events. This blog is a living proof of my love for writing. This blog proofs that I really live to write, even though I am a frustrated fashion designer,graphic artist and letterer. I always know that writing is my asset and my power. My asset to write becomes a powerful tool for me to connect with people. I may not be the greatest writer in whole wide world. I know myself that writing literally took me places.

Without writing,I will not be able to have a job as an SEO writer in Midestino Web Content Specialists. Without my experience as an SEO writer, products, businesses and clients will not come around to trust me to write press releases for them. It took me quite while to fully realize that writing is powerful and beneficial in my career as a communicator.

Now I have this chance once again to prove my worth in the industry. There will be no hindrances to hinder me to get there. It is win or lose, my writing spirit is getting alive everyday and I know that writing is a bright light for me to stay.

Easy DIY Gift Wrap Idea:

Hello friends! I am back with the new DIY for you! Since today is the first of October and holiday is approaching. I am going to share with you another material in gift wrapping your presents for your loved ones. I will not keep this post long, so here we go and let’s start gift wrapping.

Hisilicon K3



-Old Magazines

-Old Box

-Your gift (of course!)

-Scotch Tape

Hisilicon K3

Step 1

Gather all your little bling blings or accessories in a purse.

Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3

Step 2

Start wrapping with a magazine.

Hisilicon K3

Step 3

Cut the excess paper and attach with scotch tape

Hisilicon K3

Step 4

Secure everything with scotch tape and voila you are done!

Lazy Dressing

Have you ever felt too lazy to dress up? I am sure you might be thinking that I am never lazy to dress up. Because of the series of my OOTDs that I am posting here. But boy I am guilty if I will say that laziness never occur me. Well whenever the laziness strikes my brain to dress up. I always rely on dresses (especially the t-shirt ones). They are just comfy to wear and whenever they have patterns or prints. It makes an easy statement without putting an effort to wear accessories. I am sure lazy dressing occurs you sometimes. What’s your to-go-outfit whenever it laziness strikes you?




[Forever 21-Dress] [Zara-Bag] [Parisian-Sandals]

Versace Jeans x Snipe PH Shopping Party

When I was younger I really don’t care about discounts, sales, coupons and etc. But now as a grown woman, I realize the importance of saving up and discounts, sales, coupons really do matter. Especially if you are a shopaholic and you are type of person, who will not pass up a good deal. Well folks I have a great news lining up for you. Before I reveal you my top secret about scoring great deals. Here are some photos of the products that Versace Jeans is selling in Shangri-La Plaza.Hisilicon K3

Pink power!

Hisilicon K3

Don’t you love those embellishments? Me I do!

Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3

They also have eye catching bags!

Hisilicon K3

Those pointy shoes!

Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3

They also have something special for men.

Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3

Snipe PH is Philippines’ newest shopping app that allows the users to avail discount codes, sales alerts and coupons. You can see all the discounts and sale alerts through a good WiFi or internet service. Perfect for shopaholics who love to shop without breaking the bank.

Hisilicon K3

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Preciously Precious at SMX Convention

If you are living in my country Philippines, you probably know all about famous Filipino novel publisher, Precious Heart Romances. Last September 20, 2015 they launched their newest books from different talented Filipino writers. Precious Heart Romances is known for publishing that romantic novels that can make any heart swoon.

Hisilicon K3

The event was launched in SMX Convention center where Manila International Book Fair was held. A gathering of all the publishers, writers and readers in the Philippines.

Hisilicon K3

Precious Heart Romances’ publisher is Precious Pages Corporation launched this event to show to their readers, the newest novels they should watch out for. For 25 years PPC continues to give the readers romantic novels from gothic romance, erotica to science fiction.

Before the newest books are introduced to their readers. Each series was introduced first with a game with a readers.

Hisilicon K3

The crowd drooled when the first game was introduced with four handsome guys appeared. Why these guys are wearing backpack? You will know next.

Hisilicon K3

But before revealing what the game was all about. Let me show you a sneak peak of energetic the audience was.

Hisilicon K3

Each boy has a backpack with them and each backpack has broken pictures to form. Each picture reveals the newest books and series of PHR.

Hisilicon K3

Each boy are required to get at least five girls from the crowd. Together they will form pictures of the book covers of the newest series of PHR.

Hisilicon K3

And here is the winner!

Hisilicon K3

Each group composed a cheer to boost their morale.

Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3

They even have free make overs for their readers. The makeover was sponsored by Cut Salon.

Hisilicon K3

Each new series has teasers to entice the excitement of the readers.

Hisilicon K3

The authors of the book shared their stories to their readers. They tell how they came up with the story and how it was related to them.