Clutched In+ Sbaam

Clutch is a bag must have for women and aside from its functionality it is also stylish. Clutches have different types and designs, in the one I am wearing it has red patterns that compliments my red blazer. Actually this is the only clutch that I have so far but this is very useful. So I decided to look for another clutch with a different design and style.




Before I put my outfit details! Let me share with you another social networking site that you will surely like to try. Sbaam is a new amazing social networking site based in Italy. Sbaam lets you post your outfit post, reviews and more that is related to fashion.  Aside from style posts and reviews, Sbaam lets you know the latest trends and news in Fashion.



[Whatever-Top] [From My Aunt- Blazer] [Forever 21-Shorts and Ring] [Punk Berry-Sandals] [Tuscany-Clutch]

This Is Not A Paid Advertisement


Interviews are mandatory especially in getting a job position. We always have to think what we should wear to look formal yet at the same time stylish. Here is my quick outfit look tip for you guys! Wear something different from the usual blazer, pencil skirt/trousers and etc. Instead spice up your look with a hint of your personality in it. For instance in my look my personality is feminine yet tough. So what I wore are pastel pink collared top and printed pencil skirt. Yes what I am wearing is still normal for a job interview. But I added spice through the print on my skirt and the pastel color of my top. Another tip! I heard that hiring mangers prefer applicants in cool colors so pastels are your best bet.






[Weekender- Top] [Thrift Shop- Pencil Skirt] [Charles and Keith- Bag] [Parisian-Shoes] [ Girl Shoppe- Necklace]


Dear Jeans

Dear Jeans thank you for making our lives easier when it comes to dressing up. We owed jeans big time for being our clothing savior. When we can’t think of anything to wear. It is functional and versatile to wear you can easily pair jeans will almost anything. No wonder jeans are truly an investment and most of us owns even at least one pair of jeans. I realize you can also accessorize a pair of jeans with any way you want. You can add cuffs, two necklaces, rings or even a pair of earrings. When it comes to shoes, sandals are the best pair to go with a jeans for an easygoing vibe. Like the sandals I am wearing from Punk Berry.




[Reborn- Top] [Pazzo-Jeans] [Punk Berry- Shoes] [Secosana- Bag] [Eight- Blue Necklace] [Girl Shoppe- Bangle and Necklace]

Fashion Confidence Boosters

Untitled #303
I don’t want this blog to be just my personal style documentary. So I wanted to share something beyond clothing, fashion and styling. I wanted to tackle how confidence will help us in the long run. No one has infinite supply of confidence everyday. There are times that we feel confident about ourselves and there are times that we don’t feel confident about ourselves. Read on how to embrace our inner greatness and how confidence helped me out in so many ways. I am also like any other people in this world, I also went through awkward days and I went through the days I don’t feel great about myself. I am hoping you will learn a thing or a bit from this! Enjoy
Own Your Body Love It All
Yes love yourself and you are body and everything about you. Everyone are beautiful in their own way it is beyond what the eyes see. It is how the person accepts herself, accepts her greatness and flaws. Love your body no matter what size it is or how it looks like. Because this is what makes it you. Take care of your body, pamper it with proper hygiene and skin care.
Don’t Let Media Tell You How You Should Look
Sure there are lots of celebrities that we idolize for their beauties. But you don’t need to achieve celebrity status just to feel good about yourself. Remember anyone will look good with make up, hair extensions, and photo enhancers or surgery. Scratch the idea of being how to look like a certain person on how she looks. It is okay to have media as your inspiration or peg, but don’t let it dictate you on how you look.
Beauty Starts With Yourself
Beauty starts on how you view at yourself, not on how much make up you put to yourself, or how stylish the dress you are wearing. Remember if we see beauty in any situation, image or just simple things. Our inner beauty will shine and will see by other people.
Never Try To Be Perfect
Don’t ever try to be perfect! Everyone are imperfect and our imperfection makes us beautiful. Our imperfection sets us apart from others and our own uniqueness make us as our own. Perfect is boring anyway so never achieve that.
Believe in Yourself
This last part is the most important part, always believe in yourself and never anyone put you down. You should also be humble at the same time.
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Lace I am In Love

Yes you see it right! No doubt I am truly in love with the lace top from I am wearing right now. Because it has a girly and romantic vibe that suits my style so well. Just to add some spunk (am I saying it right? LOL) or edge or whatever it is. I paired it with my favorite Liberto black shorts and studded shoes. If you are following my blog for so, I am quite sure you know how much I like studs so much. I always like the fusion of edgy style and romantic vibe. I just felt that this odd combination is really creative and stylish. Just for a change I am wearing my headband from Goody than the usual hair down I always do. Sure a new background! I took these photos while inside our house.







[Thrift Shop- Top] [Liberto- Shorts] [Secosana- Bag] [Rusty Lopez- Shoes]

[Goody- Headband] [Robinson's Galleria- Ring]



I am too late to sing Roar of Katy Perry like it was soo last year. But it doesn’t matter what I am important is I styled a look matching with the song Roar. It is so funny to use the printed sleeveless top from H & M as a vest to layer my tiger shirt. But the way it looks I am quite satisfied how it turn out. I can see myself wearing this in a casual hang out at the mall or at the backyard. Oh a leopard printed sneakers added noise in the roar inspired look.






[Thrift Shop- Top and Leggings] [SM Department Store-Shoes] [Cath Kidston-Bag]

[ H&M-Top Used as Cardigan] [Girl Shoppe- Bangle]

Photography by Yurikoakie08

If you are reading this blog for so long probably you noticed the “yurikoakie08″ watermark below the photos. I used it as my photography alter ego. As you can notice photography is something I consider as my hobby. But due to lots of people telling me I have an eye for it. I decided why not give it a shot? Currently I am studying online about photography basics and tricks. For my subject in my photography is someone I consider special to me. She is my aunt and Godmother that I am really closed with. I used to shot or take photos of young people. It was a quite a challenge to take photo of someone considered as older subject.




Recycled Love

You might be curious why the title is “Recycled Love”. Well the top I am wearing is actually an altered version of my blouse. I cut off the sleeves and add some fabric below to have another whole new look. I always love doing DIY, customization, personalizing and etc of my stuff especially if it something I outgrew. Since this top is casual I paired it with a formal pencil skirt to add whole new twist of course a cardigan to soften up the whole look. I can’t believe I am wearing the white necklace once again I thought I am not going to use it anymore. But surprisingly I did.







[Reborn-Top] [Thrift Shops- Cardigan, Necklace & Pencil Skirt] [Parisian- Shoes] 

Easy Light Eye Make Up Tutorial

Hello everyone! It is been a long time since I did an eye make up tutorial for you guys. So for today I am going to share with you my newest make up trick I learned recently. I am hoping that this eye make up trick will be useful for you as well. However this eye make up is perfect for casual events and everyday make up. Enjoy!


Line the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil lightly.


Use the darkest shade of eye shadow and apply it below your eyebrows.


Highlight the brow bone with the darkest shade.


Apply the little lighter shade next.


Lighten up the crease using the little lighter shade below the brow bone.


Use the brown shade on the upper lids.


Apply it above the eyelids.


Apply the lightest shade on the eyelids.


Line out the eyes with eyeliner, curl lashes with mascara and eyelash curler.


Achieve the softer look with pink lipstick