It is been a long time since I posted an outfit post. For a comeback I chose a look that is quite look charming for a change. I just thought of ditching blacks and pastels for a moment. I decided to have a polka dot blouse and denim for a laid back look and oh my favorite boots debuted in this post. I got this black boots when I went to Baguio last year and there are lots of boots in Baguio that you can choose from. However the sister’s beanie she also got this beanie from Baguio. I suggest that if you are looking for anything vintage inspired items in cheap prices then Baguio is a good place to be. If I will be a given chance to go in a speed light it will be in Baguio. I wanted to go back and just chill around. Additional trivia the dream catcher I wore as a ring also came from Baguio. The natives in Baguio created these dream catchers to catch nightmares. In my case I think they are bit true because I don’t have any nightmare as of this moment.





[Thrift Shops-Top and Belt] [Forever 21- Shorts] [Baguio-Beanie, Dream Catcher (Used as Ring) and Boots]

Get Adorkable with Topshop

Get Adorkable with Topshop: Contest Entry
Yes this kind of contest will surely make you tickle and capture your interest in a snap. Topshop  is one the leading clothing line in the world and known for their functional but still stylish clothing and items. They recently held a contest in Polyvore and you know that I have an account in Polyvore. Everyone has a chance to win a gift card from Topshop to buy their new items and stuff for their new #OOTD. It is very easy to get the chance to win the gift card from Topshop and I even made my own entry as well (the set I made above). I posted the recent magazine spreads of Topshop’s newest Adorkable collection for more inspiration.
(Photos From Topshop)
Contest Mechanics
1. Log in to your Polyvore account (it is easy to make one)
2. Find the Polyvore Contests Category
3. Click the Contest entitled as Get Adorkable With Topshop
4. Click create set
5. Make a set with how you still style your first day at school with Topshop items.
You must have atleast 2 items from Topshop.
6. Once you are done click Enter Contest

Leopard Tuesday

I wore this edgy outfit yesterday and I picked out this leopard pants from my closet. I learned that to get an instant edgy or tough look having any clothing piece of leopard will be a good choice. I ended up pairing it with a black sleeveless blouse to make it look more darker and edgier. I realized my recent #OOTD posts are pastels, girly prints, and colors so I decided to bring back the edginess. Yeah it was obvious I have a spiked bangle and leather black bag to complete this look.




[Vergel De Dios- Top] [Thrift Shop-Pants] [Parisian-Shoes]

[Liz Claiborne-Bag] [Girl Shoppe-Bangle]  [Nichido-Lip Stick] 

Photo Diary: Bino The Dog

Another Photo Diary is here! This is our family dog we love him so much his name is no other than Bino or sometimes we call him Pipoy. I took these photos in a lazy afternoon and taking pictures of him is quite challenging. He moves away whenever he feels there is a camera he looks away. It took me quite while to gain his trust but slowly I know I will gain his trust whenever Vivi the cam is around.





Photo Diary: Flowers and Dreams

I miss writing blog posts about my photography hobby and I used my sweet time to share with you my newest photography subjects. They are flowers, dream catchers and sunset I personally find these subjects endearing to my eyes. It has a calming effect on me however I really need something calming and relaxing for the meantime. Here they are!







A perfect quick break from my usual #OOTD blog posts though! Expect lots of photo diary coming soon!

Easy On Black

I can’t believe I can manage to squeeze in blogging in my sort of hectic online writing job. But being busy is better than doing nothing at all. I am somehow grateful for the good things coming in my career although it is still a working process. I believe I can accomplish the things I wanted to achieve. In my outfit for the day it was so refreshing to see myself taking my OOTD shots in our garden rather than the usual blank wall. However if you wanted to have great OOTD shots I recommend to take it during the afternoon. Because the sun rays are not too harsh but it has a dramatic effect. In what I am wearing I am always looking for a snake reptile print for my top. Thank God I found one in Red Girl and paired it quickly with my skater skirt styled it with quirky colors such as blue, red, and gold. It reminds me of corporate wearing and you can give it a try also.



Easy Black



[Red Girl- Top] [Thrift Shop-Skirt] [SM Department Stores-Flats] [Good Works- Bracelet] [Forever 21-Ring]

My Workout Routine and Story

I am not a fitness instructor or a health buff but when I turned 20 last year. It struck to me that my metabolism is getting slower compare to my high school or rather teenage days. I can still remember the days I eat ice cream, pizza, fried chicken, and etc. without feeling guilty. Although I still eat these highly sugar and caloric foods until now but I am keep on putting exercise with it. I don’t easily gain weight or if I gain weight it wasn’t obvious because of my height (lucky though). But here is my workout routine and I do it every afternoon everyday. Workout is a physical activity that requires discipline once you stop it is tough to go back.

(PS: If you are interested to see or to download the videos of my workout routine. Just click the screen caps I provided below and it will take you directly to the Youtube link).

warm up

Warm Up

Strip Aerobics: A Simple Sexy Workout and Dance Warm Up Exercise For Strip Dancing by sky7dance

Judge me if you want but I really like strip dancing because the routine is so relaxing to the tired muscles. It flexes your finger, legs, head and neck.


For Legs and Abs

5 Minute Sexy Legs and Abs Exercise For Women by sky7dance 

Yes this workout is seems so difficult at first glance and I was so hesitant also. I gave it a try and I didn’t expect it is also good for my back and to release stress.



Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 10 Minute Fat Blistering Circuit by POPSUGAR Fitness

This is truly toughest yet the most fulfilling workout I always do everyday. It literally burns out all the stored fats in my body and it was proven with buckets of sweat coming out whenever I do this. Oh well now you know the secret of the Victoria’s Secret Angels’s sexy and goddess bodies. They truly deserve the perfect body because of this rigorous workout.  I am still far from from those Victoria’s Secret Angels’ body but it is a working process everyday.

(All Videos and Screen Caps From sky7dance and POPSUGAR Fitness)