Contradicting Prints

I always have this love and hate relationship with the rainy season.  It is a romantic lover to me especially if I am sleeping and reading a good book. But it becomes my number one enemy, whenever I take outfit shots, or simply I needed to go out of house for errands and do my writing jobs online. Sometimes rain makes me relax but at the same time putting me into lazy mode. Enough about rain, I always use my collared blouses as my alternative for cardigans and jackets. Collared blouses are great for layering, especially in this chilly season, you can feel all covered up with this cover up. I contradicted the pastel floral pink collared blouse with my leopard printed sneakers.  I just want to play dress up with my stuff, the sun visited me awhile ago and persuaded me to have an outfit shot. But the sun betrayed me once again, LOL!

Contradicting Prints

Contradicting Prints 2

Contradicting Prints 1

Contradicting Prints 3

Contradicting Prints 4

[Whatever-Pink Floral Blouse (Used as Cover Up)] [Red Girl- White Top Inside]

[Forever 21- Shorts] [St. Francis Square- Ring]

[SM Department Store- Sneakers] [Thrift Shop- Backpack]

Bold and Bright








[Thrift Shop-Dress] [Unlisted-Sandals] [Forever 21-Ring] [My Sister's-Earrings]

My mom bought me this maxi cute dress, actually this is my second maxi dress, I still have another one with tropical and summery prints. But I will post it one of these coming days, perhaps back to blogging, maxi dresses are really lessens the hassle of wearing it. You can just slip it on in your body and you look all glam up already. When it comes to choosing maxi dresses, I always prefer it with interesting prints and bright colors. Because it is a maxi dress, the details are should be loud enough to be notice. For the first time I am wearing earrings for my blog (something new). I wear earrings for important occasions only. I feel summery and fresh while wearing this! Here is a tip, if you are wearing a maxi dress, tie your hair up into a bun or a ponytail, to look dressy.

Laid Back Romance







[Belle Maison- Top] [Thrift Shops- Pants and Necklace] [Robinson's Galleria-Ring] [Charles and Keith-Shoes]

Can you believe that the floral pants I am wearing, is also the same pants I am wearing for night time and inside the house? It is really functional to use it as a casual and a corporate wear. But pairing it with a solid colored top and adding minimal accessories, it will look like you really prepared to look this good. Sometimes I am using this look, if laziness hits me and my mind can’t think of anything to wear.  This look is also the perfect way to debut my new shoes that I inherited from my mom! Whenever I wear this floral pants, it looks so romantic and feminine, without adding too much pastels. It is really romantic.

Must Haves: Tops

Must Haves: Tops
A trend always come and go, while style is timeless that is why basics are the clothes we should invest first. When it comes to tops, here are the tops that we should have in our closets. These tops has no definite trend or particular time or season to wear. But one thing is for sure, you can use them for the long run, it can be any season. It is so easy to pair it with any clothing we want, but it still depends on the season, if it summer stick with shorts and skirts, for colder season go for leggings and pants. Read on and I will show the possible clothes that you can match with these tops. So you will not dumbfounded anymore, about how you have this top, and you don’t know which will look great with it. I am planning to have other posts about this section “Must Haves”, so watch out.
Untitled #294

Collared Tops are perfect for corporate and casual wearing, it is also a foolproof clothing that is perfect day-to-night wearing. All you have to do is to switch it the appropriate bottom wear. Collared tops look great with pants for corporate wearing, for casual go for simple jeans, pencil skirts for corporate wearing (try pencil skirts with bright colors) and looks great also with shorts (try it with any prints).

This top is everybody’s best friend whenever summer comes to town. You can see people wearing tank tops, this is another “must have”, you can also wear it in colder season. The trick is layer it with a coat or jacket! It looks great with colored pants to add character, boyfriend jeans for laid back look, skater skirt for a girly twist and leather shorts to add some spice. Tank tops usually have cute and cool statements and images. Stick with the type that suits your personality.
Whenever the cold season arrives, everybody wants to warm up themselves with a sweater. Actually sweater has variety of color and prints of choices. The key to make it look good is to know what you should pair with it. For urban look, sweaters look great with ripped jeans, leggings are also a good choice for slimmer look for thighs. But if it is summer, you can still wear it with skorts and jumpers. (PS. If you will wear it for summer, make sure the fabric is lightweight, so you will not end up sweating bucks! :D)
The most basic of all the basics, this plain white shirts are lifesavers for lazy look or minimal time of styling yourself. You can easily wear with almost anything. Since this top is simplest among the others, you can pair it with colorful and printed bottoms, to add flair and distinct with the plain white t-shirts.  Printed pants, leather jeans, bright high waist skirts and printed shorts are the right choices.

Happy Kiddo in His Birthday

This post is too late, because my cousin’s birthday happened way back April. But it doesn’t matter, it is better late than never right? My cousin Antonio celebrated his 7th birthday in the lovely hills in Havila Highlands Pointe Club House in Taytay. I just wanted to share, how I am happy to see, how this cute little boy turns seven. Here are some of the pictures I wanted to share with you all.


The theme was obviously Angry Birds, this game is immensely popular to kids and kids-at-heart (like me).








I am so happy to be part of this birthday of my little cousin. I realize I still have the photos with me, even if I captured them way back April. But it doesn’t matter, when I found out about the folder. I didn’t think twice anymore, I felt the urge that I needed to have a blog post about this. I felt greater and better, as the days go by. Actually it is normal for a 20 yr. old to enter the quarter life crisis phasing. I felt I was stuck in a deep hole of depression. I felt my contemporaries are way ahead of me. I keep on thinking about what will happen to my future. I have a home based job, it is STILL work, but I felt a bit lonely. I don’t have anyone to talk with, I need something to keep me sane, I am thankful that my blog reminds me to keep sane no matter what. Seeing these birthday pictures of my cousin tells me that life is still worth living, especially live for the present, let the future worry itself.


The celebrant says Hi!


This picture of him is really adorable, I can imagine him thanking his visitors for coming! Yes Antonio, you are always welcome!


The playground in the Club House made me really happy!

Comeback Edge

See I told you, I am going back, once my brain functions well again! A new outfit post for today, a very edgy and very appropriate for this rainy season. This is the best thing to do in a rainy drizzly season, you can just layer any clothes you want, and you are off to go. But layering is tricky, I admit I am still in the learning process of layering clothes. I ended up looking urban once again. Leggings are really life saver, especially if you are on the go or really late, one slip with it then you are done.




Here is loom bracelet I made, before it goes mainstream, yes just a simple loom band pattern.


[Thrift Shop- Tank Top] [From My Aunt- Leggings] [From Lola-Sling Bag] [Rusty Lopez-Shoes]

[Calvin Klein-Denim Jacket] [Loom Bands-Bracelet]