My Everyday Make Up Routine


Just for a change I decided my blog post today will be something beauty-related. Like I said in my previous posts I am not a make up junkie but I know how I will make myself look good and presentable. I believe everyone should exert extra effort in making or dolling up themselves to look good. All the things I will mention here are based according to my experience and learned from others. I am hoping that you will learn even a thing or a two. I will share with you how I do my everyday make up. I assure you that this will be super easy for you.


(L-R: San San Concealer Beige & San San BB Cream Beige)

Step 1

Apply BB Cream and Concealer

Actually the first step is really to clean your face with water first before applying anything. Once you rinsed your face with water, apply BB cream underneath your eyes, cheeks, eyelids, T Zone (nose and forehead), lower chin and upper part of the lips. Then blend it downwards until it absorbed your skin. Then apply concealer underneath your eyes, upper part of the lips, T Zone (nose and forehead), lower chin and upper part of the lips


(L-R: Groovy Eyelash Curler, Grow Luscious by Fabulash Revlon, Nichido Dark Brown Eye Pencil)


Draw Eyebrows, Curl Lashes with Eye Lash Curler and Mascara

Draw your eyebrows from the lowest tip upwards til the end and upper eyebrow part do it downwards. Fill the spaces and hair of the eyebrow with the eye pencil. Then curl your lashes with eyelash curler and mascara.


(L-R: Vaseline Lip Therapy Skin Protectant and Majolica Majorca Rouge Lip Gloss)


Apply Lip Therapy and  Lip Gloss (Optional)

Lip therapy protects lips from chapping and dryness. While lip gloss is an optional application afterwards. If you have a heavy eye make up, lip gloss is a suitable choice for you.


(L-R: Shimmer Lipstick 02 by San San, Nichido Pink Ice and Nichido Glam Red)

Step 4

 Apply Lipstick And Blush On

If you didn’t have a heavy eye make up then go for red lips. If you did then go for Shimmer or lighter shades. Make Up is all about balance.Then add blush on to enliven the face.

Styled by Sister

It is so fun to let other people style especially in an outfit post. In this look my elder sister of the The Wicked Joyce styled me into an indie boho rocker chic. The loose top, denim shorts, gold necklace and red beanie. I felt like I needed a guitar to strum in this look. If you notice my sister is a photography enthusiast the reason why this shot took so long. But it doesn’t matter I love every shot she took with perfection. I am just glad and just lucky to have a sister like her. In fact she also blogs like me (but I blog more often LOL) she rarely updates. But I assure you will love her travel and photography posts, just visit her site




(I am actually wearing boots)



[Details-Top] [Forever 21-Denim Shorts] [Baguio-Boots and Beanie] [Girl Shoppe-Necklace]

Sun Goes Down

It was a rainy Friday and finally after the foggy weather, Mr. Sun is back to town to spread some rays of sunshine. I thought of wearing something feminine and edgy at the same time. This look surprised me a lot however it is so cute that my mom took my outfit shots for the first time. Yeah my peg is pink lips, messy hair and rocker chic girl. I don’t know how it turned out this way. I think this is how my mind looks like right now. Enjoy!






[Thrift Shops- Top, Accessories and Leggings] [From Grandma- Bag] [Baguio-Boots] 

Keep It Simple

It is lucky to have shopaholic relatives like my aunts for example. Whenever they have clothes that don’t fit anymore they give it to me and to my sister. So we have lots of clothes coming from them and what makes it good the clothes they gave are versatile. Like the red blazer I am wearing here and it is comfortable to wear. I can even tell you that I didn’t wear anything inside and it looks sleek with a pair of jeans. Because of this experimented look I realize this look will be great in a job interview or professional related events.





[New Collection-Blazer] [Pazzo-Jeans] [Forever 21-Ring] [Rusty Lopez- Shoes] [Liz Clairborne-Bag]

Weekend Food and Quirky Dots

Last weekend my friend and I went out into the resto and I took pictures of  my food. I suddenly remember that I already stacked up an old photo of the food I ate. I just thought of sharing with you my eating habits a mix of carbs and healthy treats. Before that here is what I wore in that day a polka dots skirt and denim top paired up with chunky accessories.


Instead of a bag I grabbed my new addiction the book called styLIZed by celebrity stylist Liz Uy




[W Brown- Denim Top] [Thrift Shops- Skirt and Bangles] [Girl Shoppe-Necklace] [Parisian-Shoes]


For the food last week it is my first time to order Lasagna in the famous restaurant Shakeys. I used to eat pizza and mojos there and rare to eat pasta. I was surprised that the lasagna tastes good they have bountiful of tomato sauce make it zesty.


Last Saturday I tried Seisha’s Caesar Salad with lots of  Parmesan cheese and it tastes like heaven! It has doesn’t have any dressing but the Parmesan cheese enlivens its taste.


For my post-birthday blues I ordered a Chocolate Mouse Cake! Truly perfect for a birthday treat. Perfect for every dessert and birthday celebration. It assures you heavenly taste.


Tips on Wearing Print on Print

Black is a universal color and every clothing with this color will compliment and assures to look good. In this outfit I wore I paired a top with black Zigzag prints and tribal black and white prints. The key to make the print on print look to work is to make sure they belong in the same color. So it won’t end up looking dizzying prints and however it is great to experiment with colors as well. Like my bright red satchel and orange earrings are perfectly suited in my print on print look.








[Thrift Shop-Top] [Surplus-Skirt] [Parisian-Shoes and Bag] [Girl Shoppe- Earrings]

Buy A Pair, Give a Pair with Warby Parker

1 mm Pairs  (1)

Having a good vision increases a person’s productivity in his/her work. The reason why Warby Parker a known eye wear shop specializes in glasses and shades teamed up with a non profit organization Vision Spring. This organization believes that correct vision helps workers in rural places to work efficiently with good eye sight. If you interested to take part of helping these people to have good vision then here is how they do it.


Buy a Warby Parker glasses


They tally up number of glasses sold and make a monthly donation to our non profit partners, which covers the sourcing number of glasses


The non profit trains men and and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses to their communities at affordable prices.


These men and women work hard to spread awareness and make eye care available to their communities.

For more information please visit the following sites below 

Brights and Kitten

Yeah it is a rainy season and everything means dull and feel foggy. But I am against about this cruelty of dullness so I took out my sister’s yellow dress and pair it with my denim jacket. The weather is truly bipolar, it rains for a minute then sunny seconds later. In the blogs I’ve been reading it is better to wear a dress and pair with a jacket. Just to make yourself comfortable from the heat or the rain. However this blog post is also my comeback after a temporary hiatus. So yes I am back with a shorter hair (medium length and side swept bangs) and new kitten shoes.





[Folio-Dress] [The Revolt Jeans of Nobody- Denim Jacket] [Shoe Box- Shoes] [Burberry-Bag]

Temporarily Closed

Hello Everyone

I am temporarily closing this blog for the meantime for few weeks. Don’t worry I will be back again soon. Once I am done with changes needed to make this blog more convenient for you. However if you have any concerns or queries about collaborations in this blog. Unfortunately I am responding them after few weeks. I am apologizing for inconvenience due to temporary hiatus in this blog. This coming September 8, 2014 I already scheduled a birthday post. Anyhow I am still hoping that you will still read my blog despite this change.

In God’s Glory!