Photo Walk: Saturdate

I always have this special time for my friends or family. As long as my Saturday is still a free or vacant day for me, as much as I can I wanted to spend it with the people I truly miss about. Like yesterday, I asked my friend Michi out for a Saturdate,m and we enjoyed the afternoon til evening together. We endlessly chat about our love lives and of course work related stuff ,or just simply catching up with each other lives.


We had Sashimi and Rainbow Maki


Oh we ate together at Kampai Sushi Bar and gahd their food tastes delicious. I will definitely back and try other food!




We also tried darting those balloons and we got a prize!



While I am busy in something else and currently having blog hiatus. I realize that everything happens for a reason good or bad. It happens usually because you need to experience and learn something from it. When I started being busy, I am starting to see where I am heading too, I am starting to have a direction and I have somewhere to go to. God’s plans are always better than our plans. At first I was frustrated, but it took me a quite while to realize, that his plans are always for the better. I started to see where I am naturally good at, not because I am pressuring myself or having a fight with myself to be always the best. Sometimes passion can burn you out and it kills you until you just give up. Something that comes naturally in all of us, is sometimes our greatness.

Flowers For You

Sorry for a long hiatus, I’ve been busy these past few days but don’t worry I will still update, but not as daily as before. I updating my blog once a week. I am hoping my readers are still with me despite this change. The long wait is over and I am back I miss blogging this blog too. Of course I miss you my dear readers as well. Enough of apologizing, what matters is I am here already and I am going to share with you my fresh snaps of photography. I hope you enjoy this one!








Lazing Around

Admit it. Sometimes no not sometimes, but everyday we always ask this question to ourselves “What I will wear today?”. And we always end up with the answer “I have nothing to wear”. Whenever this thinking comes to my mind, I go for dresses. Because they are easy to wear, easy to style on and pair with almost anything. Like what I did here; a bangle, cover up , sandals and a hat.




[Thrift Shop- Dress and Cover Up] [Unlisted- Sandals] [Boracay-Bangle and Hat]

Casual Mix

When it comes to trousers we always have this mentality that it is suitable for corporate dressing. Not knowing it is also versatile with other pieces to create a whole new look. Like what I wore in this outfit, I got this trousers from my aunt because this trousers doesn’t fit her anymore. Luckily as a niece I took it and I paired it with my casual checkered top.




[Thrift Shop- Top] [From my Aunt- Trousers] [Zara- Bag] [Natasha-Shoes]

White Tied

Being a blogger, I need to adapt myself in quick changes happening around. At the same time, be able to cope up with the changes, but still committed on what I believe in. Like in my blog, I always have this consistency and commitment to post each day. I am not whining or anything, but this job is something I do for fun at the same time make money out of it. Blogging is something should be an enjoyable and fun. I chose fashion as my medium for this blog. Because I am interested with fashion and art, I am interested on how I pulled off a dumbfounded cloth in my closet. Like this one denim shirt I tied on my all white ensemble look. Fashion is supposed to be fun and I believe in breaking the rules.



[Red Girl- Top] [Thrift Shop- Shorts, Denim Shirt and Necklace] [Unlisted- Shoes] 

Vintage Glam Shoot

It was a quick and still fun photo shoot with my elder sister, Joyce.  Even though I know her for so long, it is still difficult to make her comfortable to the camera. She charmed the camera with all her might, just to make the camera fall in love with her. Even it took her too long, the shots she posed are worth it.




vg3 vg5